I was inspired to start Muddy Boots Garden Design out of a love of good design – of all kinds – and a passion for horticulture. I’ve been designing residential gardens since 2002. My goal with clients is to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, reflecting their lifestyles, interests and aesthetics.

My philosophy is that garden making should be a pleasure and it should be based on sound horticultural practices. Some of my practical tenets are:

  1. Great gardens are built from the ground up, so that means proper soil preparation is a must. It may be hard to understand the effort and investment that go into making quality soil, but it is absolutely essential for a garden to really come to life.

  3. I am a certifiable plant nerd. Depending on the situation, I will use plants native to our mountains, plants native to the North America, and I’ll use plants from far-flung places if our growing conditions support it. I will not, however, use invasive plants.

  5. Successful gardens (and gardeners) change and develop over time. Plants grow and create shade where there was none, plants die and make sun gardens out of shade gardens, plants refuse to grow yet three gardens down they thrive. Adaptation, experimentation and flexibility are keys to long-term garden enjoyment.

  7. There is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden. Some gardens are lower maintenance than others, but they all require upkeep and tending to look good. If you’re not personally interested in getting dirt under your nails, I have gardeners to refer who are excellent and will keep your new garden looking great.

If this sounds right to you … let’s make a garden!